How to Get a Job When You Already Have One

 How to Get a Job When You Already Have OneLearn how to job-hunt without affecting your daily performance at work.

According to recent studies, it’s easier for employees to land a new job while they’re employed. HR professionals prefer employed applicants over active job seekers that are not employed.

This doesn’t mean that employed applicants don’t face certain problems in their job searches. It can be difficult to look for a job when you’re working full time.

If you’re employed and have wanted to look for a new job, here are some tips to help you get around the challenges:

Make time. You have to make sacrifices and carve out time if you really want to explore new opportunities, no matter how busy your worklife is. You may need to postpone your outside activities. Keep your priorities in check in order to accomplish your daily job search goals.

Use your own resources. No matter how pressed you are for time, using your company’s resources when job hunting is unacceptable. Use your own electronic devices when conducting your search. Don’t hesitate to bring your personal laptop and use it when you’re off the clock if you want to maximize your free time.

Be discreet.

Don’t share your job search with your managers. Don’t let any employees know about your interest in exploring other options. Telling just one colleague may result in a grapevine effect that goes all the way up to your boss, and any chances for advancement will be affected.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. You may encounter some companies or employment firms that ask for contact information from your current supervisor or references from your company.

If this happens, ask them if they can wait to contact anyone until you’re under consideration for a job. You can also ask them to notify you before contacting your current employer.

Don’t let your employment stop you from looking for new opportunities. As long as you know how to manage your time, you can look for other jobs without affecting your performance at work.

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