How to Excel in an Interview by Using the Job Description

Job DescriptionIn every job interview, you will most likely compete against many other qualified candidates, and the hiring team may have a hard time deciding which one of you they should choose. Therefore, you have to convince them that you are the most outstanding and promising applicant.


How do you that? Keep it simple. Relax and avoid cramming your head with too much information. This might make you tense during the interview and you might just end up recalling nothing at all. You should keep talking spontaneously and naturally, so relax and stay calm.

Yet, how do you prepare beforehand? How do you make your answers short and simple but correct and meaningful? How do you know what information you need to prepare for an exceptional answer? Here are some things that can help you determine which data you should collect and how you’re going to use them:

1. Identify what the employer is trying to solve.

You need to know and understand what the interviewer is trying to find out. Usually, the dilemma for a company is how to fill an open position. They hire people so that the task for the position can be done.

In order for you to identify their problems, get a copy of the job description and then analyze and study it well. Write down what you think the problem is that needs a solution. Also, take note of the skills required, the experience needed to be a successful candidate, the exact words the company used to describe what their problem is, and anything else that you think is important.

2. Review keywords from the job description.

Get your highlighter and start reviewing the keywords in the job description. Focus on the duties and responsibilities, as well as the skills and attributes. After that, look back on your resume and reread your working experiences. Are they related to the company’s problems? If so, use that as your weapon to win.

Remember that your attention should be focused on acquiring a detailed understanding of the company’s needs. This will be a huge advantage over other candidates because you’ll know a lot about the company and the position. Use the keywords they used in the description to describe your working experiences.

3. Reflect on how much you are suitable for the job.

After reviewing the keywords, think and reflect on whether you are really a good match for this job. Do you really have what it takes to be the next person in the position they’re trying to fill? Do you have the attributes they’re looking for?

When you’re describing your previous work experiences, focus on the value you created and the value you’re going to create in the same situation. You have to put yourself further ahead in the game and be not just the number one choice, but the only choice.

When you attend interviews, keep in mind that everything is not about you (your education, skills, and experience). Yes, the purpose of interviews is to get to know you better. However, what really matters is how you’ll be able to solve their problems by being the one who can fit into the position they’re trying to fill.

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Alan Carniol

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