How to Decline an Offer Without Ghosting

How to Decline an Offer Without GhostingBuilding your career requires making smarter choices when it comes to employment. You don’t just accept whatever opportunity comes your way; instead, you have to carefully choose which company and position will suit your strengths as an employee.

If you’ve received a job offer that doesn’t appeal to you, here are some tips on how to politely decline without leaving a negative impression:

1. Trust

The mere fact that you received an offer indicates how much the hiring manager is interested in making you a part of the team. Instead of making excuses if you’re not interested, be honest and tell your potential employer why you are declining their offer. Feel free to speak directly to the people involved in making the offer.       

Don’t forget to thank the hiring manager for offering you a job. Though it may not be the best job for you right now, it’s always nice to let them know how you appreciate their effort in offering you a position you’re qualified for.

It’s best to select a reason that is appreciative, but don’t forget to be clear and concise. It is not wise to cut off any potential connections within the company, because more opportunities may arise.

2. Be Honest

Again, make sure to tell the truth when sharing why you have to decline the offer. If you’re honest and show integrity, the hiring manager might keep you in mind for other opportunities with his or her current company, or a future one. Always choose honesty to leave a positive lasting impression.

3. Be a Good Connection

Even if you’re declining the offer, make sure to nurture the professional relationship that has formed by keeping in touch. You can send along business or candidate leads, and be a reliable connection. Make the most of your career by growing your network, even if you have declined an offer from a company.

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