How to Build a Professional Network from Scratch - Part 2

How to Build a Professional Network from Scratch Part 2Let’s pick up where we left off about building a new professional network quickly – even if you’re starting over in a new city

If you missed it, I highly suggest giving it a quick read. Because a Daily Success Boost reader (who we called “Ken”) asked for specific strategies if you were starting from zero.

I answered his question and detailed the first of two approaches for putting yourself in the running for stellar jobs the public never hears about.

So, today we’re going to talk about the second approach, which is:

Looking for companies in your industry and city/area that *may* need someone on their team with your skillset and background.
In Ken’s case (he didn’t say his profession, but for the sake of example, we’re going to say he’s an engineer), he could look for local manufacturing companies. The key is finding companies that would need to hire a full-time employee from his (or your) particular profession.

So, begin with some research. Look around and try to find companies in the area where you feel you could make a difference. Then, just as we discussed yesterday, approach the hiring manager or others in the organization, and ask if they'd be open to meeting for a coffee or beer.

What you meet, you just talk shop.

It’s as simple as that.

This straightforward strategy can put you on a hiring manager’s short-list for stellar jobs in just about any industry.

Why does this work so well?

Because employees leave teams all the time. As a result, just about every manager finds him or herself needing to hire someone fast. That means most managers worth their salt are always on the lookout for skilled professionals that they can keep “in their pocket,” so to speak.

Like the first strategy that we discussed yesterday, when you start approaching hiring managers in this way, one of the first things they’ll do is look you up online and view your LinkedIn profile.

So it’s crucial that your profile presents a stellar first impression.

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Alan Carniol

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