Great Tip - Makes Writing Resume Easy

Great tip makes writing resume easyWriting your resume can be tough.

Especially if it’s been a while since you last updated your resume.

It's difficult to communicate -- explicitly and clearly -- how you added value in your previous roles, and how you're going to add value in the future.

But it is VITAL.

In fact, if your resume isn't getting you interviews right now, if recruiters and HR reps aren't calling you back, then this could be the reason why.

Here's an easy way to get clear on how you add value:

Step 1: Make a coffee, sit down, and get comfortable.

Step 2: Close your eyes, and run through your ideal day at work. You have complete freedom here, so imagine that you're doing all things you're most good at, accomplishing things, adding value to your organization, getting important stuff done, and moving your entire team forward.

Step 3: Write down the activities that will make the biggest impact.

Step 4: Put some kind of numbers on those accomplishments.

Step 5: Rank your accomplishments in order of impact, with the most impressive ones at the top.

That's it!

This little "exercise" takes around 15 minutes, it's fun, and if you follow the steps outlined above, your resume will practically write itself.


There's something important you need to know:

Not all accomplishments are created equal. Some are more powerful than others -- many, many times more powerful and impressive in fact.

This is because recruiters, HR reps, and hiring managers especially are looking for very particular "X-factor" signals that tell them a certain candidate is diamond-grade, and worth bringing in for an interview ASAP.

You need to be careful about what accomplishments your resume shows, and more importantly, how these accomplishments are presented. This is what will get you over the hump in getting an interview to getting a job offer.

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Alan Carniol

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