Getting a Job through the “front door”

Getting a Job through the front doorThere's never been a better time to land your dream job. There are more job openings available today than ever before since the recession of 2008.

Now is the time to put yourself out there – while the iron is hot.

Today, we’ll take a look at the "front door" approach and how you can get a job using this.

This is where you look for jobs that are advertised, and you apply for them the "normal" way – by sending your resume and cover letter to HR.

Normally, it works like this:

Someone from HR will give your resume a cursory 30-second scan, and they'll look for specific keywords that indicate you're a match for the role.

If they don't see these keywords, your resume gets thrown in the trash.

And if they do, they'll give your resume proper consideration.

If, and only if, they feel you're a good fit, they'll forward your application to the actual hiring manager, who'll then arrange to interview you.

This is how the "front door" works.

You have almost ZERO influence or power over the process.

Don't get me wrong – applying for jobs through the front door is better than not applying for jobs at all, but the whole HR process tends to work against more experienced candidates or those who don't look so good on paper.

Do you know what I'm saying?

And here's another thing:

Most jobs – I'd say around 80% of them – never even get advertised.

Usually, the hiring manager will shortlist candidates who made it in through the "side door", "inside door", or "cellar door" – giving these candidates an "unfair" advantage over those who wait around outside the front door.

For this reason, the "front door" is usually the least effective way to get a job.

That said, you should NOT stop knocking on the front door.


Because some organizations don't have another way in.

This is why I dedicated a large part of Dream Job Formula to sharing with you all the most effective strategies that have ever been tested – for applying for a job through the "front door" and getting through HR's nonsense in one piece.

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