Effective Tips for Follow-Up Job Interviews

Effective Tips for Follow Up Job InterviewsDid you recently pass the first interview? If you’ve been invited back in for a follow-up interview with the boss or other key individuals, you need to be prepared in order to give the best impression.

It’s important not to let your guard down during the second interview. Your potential employer may be interviewing additional applicants that made it through the first round.

Here are some tips to help you focus during the follow-up interview:

Review the details of your initial interview. Do you remember the topics that were discussed? Think back on key issues that may have been mentioned by the interviewer multiple times. If you recall those specific issues, focus on that information and be ready to tackle it in-depth for the second interview.

Research more about the company. After you’ve been called back in for the second interview, try to fine-tune your research and learn more about their financial reports, annual reports to stockholders, and other financial info.

It’s important to know what the company wants you to know—This includes its services, products and how the company relates to its clients and potential customers.

Check your table manners. It’s possible you’ll be called in for a follow-up interview in the form of a simple lunch meeting. Whether you’re meeting with executives or your potential future supervisor, make sure you have your table manners in check.

It’s best to order food that is not too messy to eat and will allow you to use silverware. Don’t order something that’s too pricey, and avoid using your hands when eating your meal.

Reach out to your recruiter. In cases where there is a third-party recruiter involved, it’s best to talk to him or her right before the follow-up interview. The recruiter will be able to prepare you for potential rough issues, and the rest of the employment process.

The recruiter can also give you an idea what the interviewer(s) will be asking you about during the second interview. Ask for some broad hints of issues you should be aware of.

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Alan Carniol

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