Effective Tips for Connecting With Your Network

Effective Tips for Connecting With Your NetworkThink outside the box when it comes to growing your network.

Do you struggle with the motivation you need to maintain your network? Have you built up a long list of contacts, but don’t bother nurturing them?

If this is the case, you should start building up the connections in your network; doing so can increase your chances of meeting the right opportunities for your career. If you do in fact have a large network, the following tips will help you strengthen it.

Holiday Greetings

Don’t get lost in the Christmas crowd. To better stand out and share a bit of your personality when keeping in touch with your contacts, send greeting cards on more unusual holidays or other special events, such as Lefthanders Day or National Cat Day.

Birthday Greetings

Instead of relying on social media to deliver birthday messages, send a physical birthday card via mail to add a personal touch.


This is good for personal branding, especially if your goal is to be recognized by people in your field. Write a monthly or quarterly e-newsletter and fill it with news and tips that will be useful to your readers. (A friendly reminder: don’t spam people by adding them to your mailing list without their permission.)


If you hear that something good has happened to one of your contacts, congratulate him or her.You can use LinkedIn to get in touch.As another option, consider sending a handwritten note. You can also share the news with other contacts through your newsfeeds.

Send a Token

You can send a little something for those extra-special people in your network. What you give doesn’t have to be expensive or anything fancy. You can buy them a book they’ll love, or a gift card to a favorite coffee shop or lunch spot.

Turn Bad Into Good

Have you been the second in line more than once when a position opens up? If so, you can send a small note to your contact in that company and ask about the new hire and the hiring process to help your prospects when another position becomes available. State that you’re always open to future conversations.

Useful News

Share useful and current news instead of a one-liner greeting. You can share informative content with your network — content that’s relevant to your chosen field of expertise.

Pick Up the Phone

You can check up on someone by simply giving that person a ring. Try calling first thing in the morning, at lunch or at the end of the day, rather than calling when people are usually in meetings or appointments. Leave a short message if you’re directed to voicemail.

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