Effective Tips for a Successful Remote Career

Effective Tips for a Successful Remote CareerBe prepared as a remote employee to achieve success.

Working from home shouldn’t prevent a professional mindset. There are pros and cons when it comes to managing a desk job from the comfort of your own home.

Even in a remote job, doing your research, practicing good communication, and time management are still a must. Don’t take your job for granted because of your environment (and the level of anonymity that comes with it).

Here are some important things to consider when it comes to working from home:

1. Plan your daily schedule. Working remotely requires you to be available when your boss calls. It’s important to be accessible during the day, even if you’re just at home. Don’t let yourself become distracted with house chores. Stick to your office hours as much as possible to maintain your productivity.

2. Communicate with your superiors. There are numerous message apps that will allow your employer to reach you at a moment’s notice. For some, Skype and WhatsApp are great options for communicating in real time. If you aren’t already, get familiar with file-sharing websites that will let you send documents easily.

3. Organize your work tools. What does your work require you to use? If your boss needs you to create specific documents using MS Office, for instance, make sure you have a good working version (for either Mac or Windows). You may need to use company-specific tools to work with other team members efficiently. You don’t want to deliver files to your teammates that need to be converted upon receipt. (It can take up extra time, and in a worst-case scenario, conversion may cause issues with your files.)

4. Communicate professionally. When it comes to communicating with your colleagues, make sure your messages are professional, even if you’re using online message apps. The rules of decorum apply no matter what online platform you are using—including social media. When in doubt, imagine whether what you are about to say would be acceptable in a traditional office environment.

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