Easy Tips on How to Build Your Online Identity

Easy Tips on How to Build Your Online Identity In todays society, creating and controlling your personal brand for employers is vital in order to get the job you want. Know the tips and tricks for building your online identity to pave the way for your success.

Self-marketing is a talent, and you should know how to align your activities and communications with your personal brand. Since your posts carry a consistent message both online and in real-life, you must know the best practices in order to put yourself on the road to digital distinction:

Self-Google yourself from time to time. How many results come up when you search your name? What do they say about you? Are there other people showing up in the search results? Just how accurate is the information on your screen? Monitor the results at least once a week to avoid having negative results appear.

Set up Google Alerts account for your name. Use this free service to let you know when people say something about you online. This way, you will be notified once your name is published on the Internet.

Purchase a domain name and claim your name. Use this personal URL for your website and blog. If you dont have any concrete, immediate plans for creating a blog or website, do it just to secure the domain name before someone else does. There are many registrars out there that offer domain names for as little as $7 a year.

Participate in social networking groups. Connect with other people using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, ZoomInfo, Ecademy and other social networking sites. Make sure to edit your profiles as this will be the chance for you to brand yourself while you attract your target market.

Blog. Having a blog with relevant content will definitely up your game. This is a great way for you to share your expertise, meet new people and position yourself as a niche expert. Having a blog is a great opportunity to build your credibility and increase your search results over time.

Launch your online career portfolio. Using your website, you can upload your career info and achievements to highlight the strengths, passions, brand attributes and other important qualities you may have. Hiring managers will be pleased to see what youve accomplished quickly, making it easier for them to include you in their candidate lists.

These tips should help you build your brand to your advantage. Look for the opportunity to talk to other people in the same field to help you gain more knowledge about the career you have chosen. Personal branding is just as important as your resume, especially when it comes to the job search.

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