Don’t Be Like Our Friend George

Dont Be Like Our Friend GeorgeOne of my favorite movies is It's a Wonderful Life.
Although it contains many important life lessons -- and quite a few lessons about success -- there's one that always stood out to me:
George (the main character) was about to jump off a bridge and into a freezing river -- over a missing $8,000 (which was worth a lot more in those days). However, after his guardian angel talks him out of it, and when George returns home... he sees that all his friends and neighbours had pulled together and found $8,000 to help him out, without his asking for it.


Because they loved him -- and he was a great guy who'd given a lot to his community over the years and helped a lot of people.
George didn't ask for this help.
He didn't think to.
Maybe he was too proud.
Or perhaps he didn't want to "bother" people.
However, when they found out he was in trouble, they helped him.
There are people who love you.
And I'm 99.9% sure there are people out there who you've helped, who owe maybe even a small part of their success and happiness to you. And even if you've long forgotten about it, they probably haven't.
But they don't know you need help right now.
You should call them and ask for help.
You're not "bothering" them.
Don't be like our friend George, and assume people aren't interested.
Pick up the phone and ask for help.
See if a friend (or their spouse) can put in a good word for you with the boss, and get foot in the door (cf. my emails about the "hidden" job market.)
See if they know about any opportunities.
See if they have a friend who could hire your short-term for some temp work.
See if they know about any resources you might have overlooked.
And yes, if it's that bad, see if they can loan you some money while you get back on your feet.
You'll be surprised what might happen when you ask for help.

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