Creating Your Own Opportunities

Creating Your Own OpportunitiesA member of our team told me about his friend.
Let's call him Mike.
Mike is a master's student. He just graduated in biotechnology. But in his state, there are no opportunities in this field.

No jobs are being advertised.
No biotech companies are recruiting straight from campus.
None are exhibiting at job fairs.
So what does Mike do?
He creates his own opportunities.
There's no magic method.
He just browses through LinkedIn and makes a list of every biotech manager near his city. And then he proceeds to message them all, one at a time.
Anyway, one responded -- and Mike was invited to interview this Tuesday for an unadvertised position. It went really well. They were impressed.
Mike might get the job, or he might not.
But the important thing is -- he's proved to himself that he can create his own opportunities, and this makes him powerful.
Now, you may be thinking:
"This is all great Alan... but Mike is a student. He has his whole life ahead of him. Mature folks like us don't stand a chance."
But there are a lot of students out there who feel the same way:
"I have no experience. Nobody wants to hire someone with no experience. But I need to get a job to get experience. I'm stuck in a catch 22."
Lack of opportunity is a universal phenomenon and you’re not the only one who’s experiencing this right now. There are millions of other people who are in the same boat.
So if you're frustrated because there's no opportunity out there for you right now, there are really two things you can do about it:
(1) You can accept it.
(2) You can create your own opportunity.

Like Mike you have to take control of what’s available to you, use them to their absolute limits in order to create the opportunities you’re looking for. There’s no shortcut to getting the job you want.
If you want to start creating your opportunities today, Dream Job Formula is the easiest and most efficient way to generate new opportunities out of thin air. It’s designed to help you identify those opportunities and how you can turn them into job opportunities.
Managers aren't thinking about hiring right now. But in a few months, when they have fresh new budgets to spend, it will be "open season". So right now is a good time to learn the ropes and prepare so that you'll be ready.

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Alan Carniol

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