Building Your Personal Brand

Building Your Personal BrandLearn how to brand yourself in the best way possible to discover new opportunities in your career.

Believe it or not, your personal brand is already out there for people to see. You need to build your profile to your advantage to attract potential employers and build your network. Personal branding is important, especially if you want to grow your career.

It’s normal for a job posting to receive hundreds of applicants. Because of this, you need to tweak your resume in order to stand out. Keep in mind that employers are usually looking for above-average applicants with stellar qualifications, and the right soft skills and personality that will fit the company. To create a positive impression, building your personal brand is a crucial step.

Here are some tips to help you create and build your personal brand:

Identify Your Brand

Your personal brand is made up of many elements. As a start, ask people who know you well to describe you. You can ask about your skills and qualifications, but don’t forget to ask about your flaws. You can blend your qualifications together with your goals and values and create a personal brand message that suits you the most.

If you’re switching careers, don’t forget to include your new goals. There’s nothing wrong with rebranding as long as you have a goal in mind.

Here are some tips to help you best build your personal brand:

Live your brand. Remember that your brand is a snapshot of who you are, how you live your life, and your personal and professional goals, including the types of problems you enjoy solving. To build your brand, it’s vital to surround yourself with people that will affect your well-being in a positive way. A personal brand helps you play to your strengths as you move through your career. It should set you apart, highlighting your desirable and hirable qualities. Live your personal brand to give credibility and validate that you can be trusted.

Share Updates on Social Media

What you share online is a reflection of your brand. However, this shouldn’t limit you from posting news and other info that is not related to work. Your posts should indicate how you want people to perceive you, including how you live your life. Choose what you share and post wisely to prevent damaging your brand. Don’t forget to monitor who can tag you on your social media accounts and apply security settings as needed. Always be aware of your personal brand online, and monitor what people say about you online.

As long as you have a goal in mind, you can consistently use your personal brand to your advantage.

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