Building a Solid Social Resume

Building a Solid Social Resume With the digital revolution, the job search has changed, and the way that recruiters evaluate potential candidates has changed as well. That’s why, especially as an active job hunter, it’s absolutely crucial that you clean up your profile and posts on every social networking site you use. Recruiters will look into your online presence to determine your viability as a candidate.

A simple Google search can lead recruiters on a path through your personal history. That’s why it’s so important to maintain a strong social resume online — It can give employers a sense of who you are and demonstrate what you have accomplished.

Here are some tips you may want to consider when it comes to building a social resume:

Start with what you have.

Google your name and check the results that show up in the search engine. Click on each link and scroll through what you see. How would you assess yourself just by looking at your social media pages? Do you have a clean and professional online presence?

Is what you see peppered with poor grammar, profanity and other problems? (Like unflattering pictures?) Make sure all your posts maintain some level of maturity. Any posts or information that stray from what’s considered professionally appropriate should be dealt with.

Create a name for yourself.

In the event that nothing pops up in the search engine about you, consider subscribing to different social media sites to show up in search results. Perhaps you can simply buy a domain using your full name and create a site with an up-to-date portfolio and resume. (Most site domains can be purchased at very affordable prices, and many companies offer easy-to-use website builders and hosting, at little to no cost.)

Curate your links.

Create curated, easy-to-access lists of your best pages and link them to your professional online profiles on LinkedIn, Klout, Twitter, Facebook and more. Don’t forget to upload some links to your best work.

Always watch what you post.

It’s important to think before you click. Wherever possible, delete anything in your profile that would raise a red flag for recruiters. Ideally, you’ll want to share some of your insights, hobbies and interests. Use your online presence to convince recruiters that you are perfect for the job.

These tips should help you build a social resume that’s polished and professional, and add a boost to your job search. Happy hunting!

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Alan Carniol

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