Applying for a Nonprofit Job: What You Need to Know

Applying for a Nonprofit JobOnce you’ve decided you want to work in a nonprofit organization, there are multiple factors you need to consider. If you’re out to improve the community or even the world, here’s what you need to know.

 What is a Nonprofit?

A nonprofit is an organization that works to improve the common good of society through charitable, educational, scientific or religious means. These organizations use their available revenue to be of service to society, rather than retaining profit.

Nonprofits include animal shelters and soup kitchens. Most organizations work for social change. Certain trade associations focus on making grants to other nonprofits.

Jobs Needed for Nonprofits

If you wonder what types of jobs nonprofits hire for, they’re often the same jobs as those in regular companies. They need good workers in accounting, research, communications, IT and so on. But in nonprofit organizations, fundraisers, volunteer coordinators and grant writers are also needed.

How Nonprofits Pay

Nonprofits are usually staffed with paid professionals. When needed, nonprofits will employ volunteers to help.

When it comes to salary range, nonprofit salaries usually vary widely, depending on the organization. In some cases, talented staff members will receive competitive pay with great benefits. If the nonprofit organization can’t afford to pay a competitive salary, they often make up for a lower salary with excellent benefits, generous vacation time and flexible hours.

A Nonprofit’s Focus

A nonprofit’s ultimate goal is to produce a positive effect on the world. This tends to require longer work hours in order to achieve a goal. When working in this field, staff members typically get a sense of personal fulfillment from their work.

If you decide to work for a nonprofit, make sure you are ready to wear several different hats. Most nonprofits are usually understaffed; therefore, being able to adjust and adapt to changes in workloads and working environment is important. This can be frustrating for some, but it’s great experience for those who want to gain knowledge in different areas, and learn from new situations.

How to Get Hired

Besides great skills and talent, nonprofits also look for potential candidates who care about the issues sincerely, and want to make a positive impact on others. This goes beyond having a great cover letter, resume and qualifications.

You can search to look for nonprofit job listings or search for specific nonprofit websites to see what opportunities those organizations may have available.

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