6 Ways to Find a Job You Love More

Find a Job You Love MoreFeeling unhappy or frustrated at work is normal. However, it could be time to re-evaluate.(Being unhappy over the long-term isn’t going to help you be more productive.)

If you’ve been feeling down and below par at work for months, you should consider taking action in order to get rid of the negativity. Perhaps it’s time for you to change your routine or even look for a different job, if all else fails.

Sometimes, it all boils down to your perspective. Here are six ways to avoid hating your job:

Determine what to change. If you’re not happy, there’s a reason behind it. Is it your working environment? Company rules? Your boss? Do you need a raise? Knowing the reason why you’re feeling down will help you determine what you’re going to do next. If you’re not sure, talk it out with a trusted mentor who can help solve your problem.

Be clear-headed. Figure out your bottom line to know what trade-offs you are and aren’t willing to make. With your bottom line in mind, you’ll know whether you need to keep or leave your job for your well-being. Don’t be afraid when evaluating what you really want since there are no right answers.

Keep your mind open. Don’t close doors to new opportunities. Evaluate your skills and what you really want to pursue.

Try searching for a job casually. Start by looking at job postings to find out if there is room for your skills and background. Since it’s a daunting task to launch a full-scale search, handling the process in smaller steps is recommended.

Be discreet once you’re on a job search. Don’t spill the beans too early, no matter how much you may despise your boss. If you do, you might be fired unexpectedly, without having a back-up plan in mind.

Don’t quit without a plan B. It is best to secure a new job before letting go of your current one. If you jump the gun, you could be out of work for months (or even a year).

These tips should help you decide whether you require a career change or not. Look for jobs that you will really enjoy to avoid being in the same spot again.

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Alan Carniol

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