6 Foolproof Strategies to Succeed at a Job Fair

Succeed at a Job FairEstablishing network connections at a job fair is extremely difficult, considering the number of job seekers you are up against in that environment. Sadly, a lot of candidates are approaching recruiters the wrong way during job fairs.

 To help you stand out among the rest, here are some tips you may want to consider:

Choose the right job fair. Some fairs are hosted by a single company with many jobs to fill. Other fairs gather a variety of employers with jobs to fill. If you’ve recently graduated, attend job fairs that are aimed at entry-level types of positions. (Choose the right job fair that will benefit you the most to avoid wasting time.)

Provide a resume when you register online. Recruiters will be able to reach you through the contact information you have provided in your resume.

Search for employers that will be there. When you register for a job fair, it is important to know what companies and organizations will be present. You can look them up via Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Glassdoor and other similar social media platforms .Do a bit of research so that you understand what each company is about.

Know your target jobs. Make sure you know what jobs are available that will fit your credentials. Know which jobs are realistic. If you find out that some companies are not recruiting for specific roles you’re looking for, demonstrate that you’ve done your homework to compel recruiters to take your resume back with them.

Bring a handful of resumes and business cards. Since you’ll be meeting a lot of people during the job fair, be sure to bring a lot of resumes and business cards so that you’re prepared to network with other people. After the job fair, don’t forget to follow-up with a short email to keep your network growing.

Know what the employer needs. Keep your conversation focused and brief since employers have a lot to accomplish during job fairs. Job fairs are not for long conversations or full-scale interviews. Keep it short and simple, but always leave a positive impact. These short conversations are opportunities for you to begin discussions that can be continued sometime in the future.

Job fairs can be extremely beneficial, especially if you want to get to know a lot of people in the same circles. Make sure to fully prepare and engage in purposeful conversations that can benefit your career.

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Alan Carniol

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