5 Tips on Searching for a Job While You’re Employed

Job Search while workingSo, you’ve already decided that it’s time to look for better opportunities, something that can offer what you’re current situation doesn’t. The problem is, you’re already employed. Searching for a job while employed presents a unique set of challenges, and when not handled properly, it can end up in a big mess. The following tips can help you succeed in your job search when you already have one.


Don’t talk about it

Looking for a job while you’re employed should be kept confidential. Don’t mention anything about it at work, lest you risk losing your job before you find a new one. You wouldn’t want your boss finding out and having you fired. If you need someone talk about it with, tell your wife and friends about it.

Don’t use company resources

Because you’re still employed, you still have to respect the workplace. Therefore, when you’re at work, use your time to do your job and not your personal activities. Don’t use your company email or company computer for your job search while at work.

What to do when the boss asks

If the boss asks whether you’re seeking employment elsewhere, just be honest. You don’t want to be labeled as a liar. You just have to face the situation and tell your current boss the reason why you’re looking for employment.

Schedule interviews in your free time

One way to avoid having people find out that you’re scheduled for an interview is to never schedule them during your regular work hours. People notice when something is different about you—for example, if you’re wearing something special for the day. The safest way to handle this is by taking the day off on the day of your interview.

Handling References

Employers want references, usually from other employers. So, what do you do when you still have a current boss? Tell your interviewer that you want to keep it confidential. Tell them you’re still currently employed, and ask if you can provide former bosses instead.

Looking for a job while working is, in some ways, harder than when you’re unemployed. You have to balance your work, your family life and your job search. However, with patience you’ll find yourself in the workplace that’s right for you. Since you’re already employed, there’s no pressure to accept the first offer you get, so take the time to look for the job you really want.

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