5 Steps to Cracking the Hidden Job Market

5 Steps to Cracking the Hidden Job MarketHere's a brief overview of the 5-step sequence I teach Dream Job Formula members for cracking the "hidden" jobs market.           

(If you're looking for an easier way to get a job, one where you don't need to play HR games or worry about getting trapped in the "black hole", then this is it. Also -- did you know that most hiring managers try to fill new roles using this "hidden" job market before they resort to the public job market?)              

The five steps are:                    

(1) Identify suitable hiring managers.                

There's a lot more to this than I have time to go through here. The idea is that you need to seek out hiring managers of teams where you know you're a good fit based on your track record. 

(2) Reach out to them, one at a time.    

More on this in a minute.         

(3) Build a non-needy professional relationship.

I've emphasized "non-needy" for a reason. You need to present yourself as a professional resource, someone who has interesting and valuable ideas and someone who they can trust.

Do you have experience with a particular type of project or problem their team is working through right now? Could you make introductions or share a resource? Could you offer advice they might appreciate?

IMPORTANT: Do not even so much as hint that you're looking for a job. For this to work, you need to act non-needy. If a hiring manager gets the feeling that you're only being helpful because you want something from them, it completely destroys any trust you created and blows your hard work.         


(4) Wait for them to figure out on their own that you're in the jobs market.        

After you've contributed something valuable, many managers will check where you work, out of curiosity. Some will even be thinking about "poaching" you for their own team. They might ask you directly. Or, you can ask them for some general career advice about next steps for "someone in your shoes". When they see that you're in the jobs market but didn't fish for a job, they'll respect your integrity and be more likely to see you as valuable.

(5) Go straight to interview and bypass the "black hole".           

This is my favorite step. When a hiring manager has a position, and they've found someone they already know, like, and trust, they'll instruct HR to call them straight in for an interview -- without all the usual nonsense.

Like I've said many times before (in other emails), in the real world, this is how 85% of positions get filled, i.e. positions you never hear about.

In my opinion, this is the easiest way to get a job.


Ironically, it's the most direct too.                                 

If you've been reading my emails for a while now, then chances are you already know all this -- but there's some kind of roadblock that's stopping you from implementing this strategy and getting job offers.                       

Many folks get stuck on the second step (reaching out to hiring managers). It's one of the most crucial -- and probably the trickiest.                            


Because, in some ways, hiring managers are like VIPs. They get a lot of people, especially job seekers, sending them LinkedIn messages and emails.                         

You need to reach out in a way that sets you apart.                               

You need to reach out in a way that demonstrates and promises value.                         

You need to reach out in a way that creates a small amount of trust.

This is something we cover extensively in Dream Job Formula.

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