5 Signs of an Outdated Resume

Outdated ResumeNow more than ever, the world is constantly changing. There are things that we do today that may not be the best way next week or next month. Like other things in life, the interview and hiring process is in flux. There are things that weren’t accepted before that are now expected, and if you’re not willing to adapt, you’ll be left behind.

One of the things that have changed over the years is resumes. Some of us have had difficulty keeping up with the changes in the modern resume. These are some of the signs that you may need to seriously consider updating your resume:

You’re still using an objective – Objectives are one of the most outdated parts of a resume. The focus of a company is to understand what you can do for them, not what you want for yourself.

Even better, consider using a headline instead. Why? Because it shows that you’re a confident individual rather than someone who is unsure of him or herself.

Written with pretentious words – Every job seeker wants to stand out, but using words to try to look like someone you’re not won’t help your cause. You have to keep it simple while also adding a little bit of personality to it.

Outline of positions without specific achievements – One reason why resumes have changed is because they don’t offer enough information to help an employer with their decision. It only shows what your previous positions and responsibilities were, while failing to explain what you accomplished.

Too simplistic – The old adage is that simple is better, but today when you want to stand out, keeping it simple might not be enough. Using font styles that are a bit more modern and avoiding decades-old layouts might be a good idea.

Too much old information – What’s important is what you did in the past two to four years, not what you did a decade ago. While those experiences will help you, what you’ve been doing recently is what matters most for an employer.

The difference between a good resume and a great one lies in subtle changes that can go a long way in gaining the attention of an employer. Being aware of these changes can help you get more interviews for the job you want.

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Alan Carniol

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