Feb, 2021

How to Manage Screen Time When Working from Home

How to Manage Screen Time When Working from HomeIf you’re like many people who have already transitioned to a remote work setup, spending a significant amount of time on the screens on a daily basis is already part of your normal routine. Not only are your tasks done online. Even communicating, meeting, and socializing with your colleagues also have to take place in the virtual space.

While it’s part of your job to stay glued to the screens for hours after hours, it’s important to take note of how excessive screen time can be detrimental to your health and wellbeing. Not only does it cause eye strain and headaches, but it can also cause physical and psychological exhaustion. So, how do you manage screen time when you’re working from home?

Determine where your screen time goes
Curbing your screen time starts with identifying where it’s going. Being aware of how you spend your digital time will help you become more intentional about how your devices are used. Are you sure it’s your work that has become your biggest drains? Or is it your online activities outside of work?

There are apps you can use to track your screen time or you can opt to manually track it down yourself. The important thing is that you start being mindful so you can identify the areas where adjustments can be made.

Prioritize things that require the use of the screens
Not everything about your work may need you to look at the screens and tap keys on the keyboard. There could be a few things you may be able to actually do offline. Making notes and reminders, for example, can be done on a board in front of your desk or on a journal. Maybe you don’t have to send an email to clarify a task because making a phone call would probably be easier?

Working from home may require you to spend a huge chunk of time staring at a screen but it doesn’t mean you can’t reduce your screen time.

Squeeze in breaks in the middle of your day
Just like when you’re working in an office, stepping away from your desk even for just a few minutes every after a few hours is essential. Your physical and mental health needs it. Working from home may make you stay glued to your chair for hours without noticing it which is why you need to put in a conscious effort to move away from your screen whenever possible.

When eating your lunch, for example. Make sure to have your meals during your break not while you’re working.

Reduce screen time after work
Some of the things we do to unwind after work still involve the screens. We watch a movie, check our social media accounts, and so on. However, it would be healthier if you try to find other means to relax and enjoy your personal time. Pick up a book or take a walk outside. Play with your pet or spend time with your new hobby.

Too much screen time can be detrimental to our health and overall wellbeing. Use these tips to help you manage your screen time to a healthy level even when you’re working from home.







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