4 Low Stress Jobs that Pay Well

4 Low Stress Jobs that Pay WellFor most of us, the concept of a high-paying job always involves stress. We think that to earn more or to land a job that pays well, we must be ready to deal with a tremendous amount of stress. But you know what? That isn’t always the case. If you think that there’s no such thing as a low-stress, high-paying job, you thought wrong.

 Just because a job doesn’t make you want to rip your head apart does not mean it’s not lucrative in terms of paycheck. The truth is there are a variety of low-stress jobs that pay a lot. But before we go about exploring what these jobs are, let’s first define what “low-stress” means.

Low -stress jobs are jobs with a score of 70 or below on O*Net stress tolerance ratings. These are the types of work where employees can deal with high-stress situations effectively and calmly.

So, if you want to have a career that pays more without feeding you stress for lunch and dinner, here are the jobs you might want to consider.

Software developers
Software developers have one of the most lucrative careers in the age of modern technology. With a stress tolerance rating of 61, a job as a software developer doesn’t involve a lot of stress.

Software developers are those who write codes and develop computer applications and software. These are the people who create the software that runs on computers and other electronic devices. They also create systems implemented in business, companies and offices.

Most software developers took up a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science but a lot of programmers learned coding by doing self-study and learning on their own.

Technical writer
The stress tolerance rating of technical writing is only 69. Therefore, it’s also one of the jobs you may want to consider if you want to earn more without stressing a lot.

As a technical writer, you are expected to create a technical copy needed for journal articles, manuals and other documents that tackle more complex topics. You don’t necessarily need a degree to deliver your job as a technical writer although a background in engineering, technology or computer systems would be helpful.

Chemical engineer
A chemical engineer’s job has a stress tolerance rating of 61. Chemical engineers are those who work to create solutions to problems related to food industries, chemicals, drugs, energy, among others. This job requires a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and application of knowledge in various sciences not only in chemistry but also physics and biology.

Operations research analyst
As an operations research analyst, you are expected to help companies and organizations solve complex issues and problems. With the help of analytics and mathematical methods, you’ll be doing investigations and problem-solving to help the business make better decisions.

The stress tolerance rating of this job is 61.

We all want to be paid well for what we do. And if you’re looking for a lucrative pay without stressing out a lot, these are some of the careers you might want to explore!



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