10 Reasons Why Job Seekers Need to Embrace Social Media

Job Seekers  Social MediaWhen looking for a job, expect employers to check your presence online. It might not hurt to give your online presence a boost in order to stand out.

Though you want to keep your private life private, it can’t be helped to reveal part of it, especially when you’re out job hunting. Sometimes, sharing a bit of what you’re like in the outside world can improve your chances of becoming the selected candidate for the position you are applying for. Since hiring managers are checking candidates online, why not use the opportunity to enhance your qualifications?

Here are ten reasons why social media can help you get employed:

Your personality seals the deal. Sure, you’ve got enough skills and background that will make you the perfect fit for the job. However, these factors are not going to be that important if your personality doesn’t match the weight of responsibility that will be given to you. With your online profile, you can inject your style in status updates and in your LinkedIn summary.

Consistency is the key. Saying who you really are goes beyond the interview room. Make sure you say who you really are — interviewers will eventually check you out online. Validating a candidate’s experience is a must for hiring managers and this includes checking them out on social media.

Having a professional image. Make sure you don’t use a beach photo or candid image when setting up your profile image.

Having a wide range of interests. Employers usually select candidates that are well rounded by checking their profile and social media updates. Feel free to share what interests you as long as it’s not extreme and could have a negative impact in the long run.

Great communication skills. Social media is a great way to show the kind of communicator you are. According to employers, social network profiles and status updates often provide strong evidence of great communication skills.

Big thinkers. Social media is an excellent tool to show employers how creative you are as a person and how you can think outside of the box. You can boost your online profile by displaying an infographic resume, or simply post clever status updates once in a while.

Recognition. If you have included information in your resume about being a top performer, or you’ve gained recognition for your accomplishments, employers will likely check it out online for proof. You can snap a photo of your success and upload it for everyone to see.

Great references. Unsolicited or nonreciprocal recommendations are indeed powerful. When using LinkedIn, display all your recommendations online. Ask a boss or a happy client to write one for you.

Interact. Some employers have stated that they appreciate it when a potential candidate has interacted with one of their social media accounts. Why not try checking out favorite companies’ social media accounts? From there, you can ask questions, being positive and complimentary.

More friends, large following. Most employers see a large following or subscriber base as an advantage. If a lot of people are following you, then you are probably sharing something worth reading. Your influence on other people can benefit businesses in the future.

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