Job Interview Tips: How to Tweak Your Resume the Right Way

Job Interview Tips How to Tweak Your Resume the Right WayFind out which sections to edit or delete to increase your chances of getting hired.

Creating a resume is not easy. Editing and proofreading are necessary requirements for a great resume that can attract employers’ attention. Attention spans are short—It’s important not to include unnecessary details.

Don’t upload your photo. Do not include your photo in your resume if no one has asked for it. Many non-Americans are now abandoning this practice, and more closely follow American-style resume criteria.

Do you need an objective? Resumes have evolved, and objectives are no longer needed at the top of a resume. Hiring managers are more interested in what you can do to support their goals. You can now use a “Career Profile” instead to emphasize what makes you a perfect fit for the job.

Work history of over 10 years. Your potential employer won’t likely be interested in what you did for a living 10 years ago, especially if it is no longer relevant to your current career. If you want to add transferable skills in your resume, you can list them under an “Additional Information” section.

Contact address. This is a resume basic. If you’re applying via a job board, you may choose to include only your city and state.

Use bullets. Don’t use tables to organize your data in your resume. Using tables will cause scanning systems to read your resume incorrectly (or flag the document as invalid).

Jargon and acronyms. Always be clear and concise in your resume. Acronyms require special care. When you want to include them, make sure to provide the whole phrase first and follow with the acronym in parentheses the first time you present any acronym in your resume to ensure clarity.

Test scores. You don’t need to include your GPA if you’ve been working in your industry for several years. GPAs and test scores are generally only relevant if you have recently graduated from college.

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