Job Interview Tips: How to Strike the Balance

Job Interview Tips How to Strike the BalanceFind out how to leave a positive impression that will stand out.

What have you achieved in your career? How do you communicate your accomplishments with others? Do you come across as overly confident? During job interviews in particular, It’s always important to be careful of your demeanor, as it can affect the decision-making process later on.

Here’s how to gauge your confidence level during interviews:

1. Back your achievements with concrete facts.

You can’t simply claim that you’re one of the best employees in your current or previous company. If you think you’re a highly valuable asset, back up the information you share with facts. It’s always better to present tangible evidence when discussing positive results.

2. Don’t exaggerate.

Always provide information that is within your skill set. Exaggerating about details and job duties that are above your pay grade can quickly create doubt in the mind of the interviewer. Exaggeration can also lead to instances during where you cannot fully and accurately answer the questions being asked (again, affecting your image). No matter what the job, there is no need to make yourself sound more qualified. Discuss your talents and abilities and highlight them during the interview instead.

3. Acknowledge your failures.

There is no perfect applicant out there. We all make mistakes and learn from them as we go through life. Expect interviewers to ask questions that can put you on the spot and potentially reveal your vulnerabilities. Where appropriate, you can share a mistake you made in the past and what you did to solve the problem.

4. Acknowledge the work of others.

When discussing past achievements, always mention colleagues or individuals who have helped you reach your goals. If we’re being honest, none of us can take all the credit for every single one of our accomplishments, especially if the success was part of a team effort on the job. This doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about what you have contributed—Just don’t make it sound like you didn’t have people around you to help reach those work goals.

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Alan Carniol

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