How To Walk Into Your Next Interview

How To Walk Into Your Next InterviewLet's talk about "mojo".
It's that indescribable quality – which most of us have experienced at some point in our lives – when people just respond to you differently.
They laugh at your jokes.
They take you more seriously.

They give you the benefit of the doubt.
And you feel different, too:
You're not really thinking about what you say.
You're not worrying about slipping up, saying the wrong thing, and being misunderstood. You're not scared of tripping over yourself.
It feels like you're in the "flow" and in control.
Have you ever experienced this feeling?
Because that's what mojo is.
Anyway, do you want to know how you can bring this feeling into your next job interview (and every other interview you'll ever face again)?
Here's the secret:
You have to eliminate neediness.
You have to put yourself in a position where you know in your heart that you don't need their job – where you have the personal freedom and the privilege to turn down or accept anything they offer without fear.
Because this turns the tables.
Now, you're not trying to win them over – they have to win you over.
And this new attitude changes everything.
But hold on a second:
What if you really do NEED a job?
No problem.
Because there's a difference between needing *a* job and needing *their* job.
It's okay to need *a* job.
But you don't ever want to put yourself in a position where *their* job is the only iron you have in fire – because that means you need *their* job, and this puts you in a position of neediness and takes away your mojo.
Make sense?
So – when you walk into your next interview, make sure you have at least two, preferably three, more irons in the fire. And by that, I mean make sure there are at least two or three other SOLID job opportunities where you are under serious consideration. Because this is what gives you mojo.

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Alan Carniol

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