How to Unearth Diamond-Grade Accomplishments

How to Unearth Diamond Grade AccomplishmentsAs I've said before (many times), when it comes to job interviews, resumes, cover letters, salary negotiations, annual reviews, serendipitous encounters with industry "VIPs", etc. accomplishments are the coin of the realm.

That's why I recommend you put together a short list of some of your most impressive accomplishments and add to it as often as you can.

Today, I have something that might help you with that.

Six things, to be exact.

A few days ago, I saw that Lisa Rangel sent an email out to her subscribers. (You remember Lisa, right? She leads the Executive Resume and Executive LinkedIn Profile webinars I often tell you about.)

Anyway, Lisa's email shared six "executive interview points" that help you stand head and shoulders above the competition. I want to share these same six points with you today. Why? Because each of these points is a different "flavor" of accomplishment. Hopefully, as you read through them right now, you'll remember one or two accomplishments you can add to your list.

Here they are:

Can you remember a time when you...

(1) ... helped an employer make money?

(2) ... saved an employer money?

(3) ... helped an employer mitigate risk?

(4) ... streamlined a process?

(5) ... contributed to an organization's culture?

(6)  ... influenced others and/or demonstrated leadership?

Ask yourself these questions over a glass of wine tonight, and see if you can unearth a few "diamond-grade" accomplishments.

If you can link your "go to" interview answers to accomplishments like these, you'll stand out for all the right reasons. Why? Because telling an interviewer about your strengths and skills is one thing; but demonstrating them with a story and a concrete accomplishment is a whole other level.

I hope this helps.

And if you want some help crafting your "go to" interview answers (and making sure they cover all the bases an interviewer is looking for), then you might want to take a closer look at Interview Success Formula.

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Alan Carniol

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