How to Prepare for the Second Job Interview

How to Prepare for the Second Job Interview Know how to prepare for the second-round job interview to impress your potential employer and stand out among the rest.

Do you feel psyched going in for the second interview? Be sure you still prepare for it as if it was your first time. Your nerves may have calmed down, but be careful not to be too comfortable with the interviewer.

Here are some actions to take to prepare:

Prepare new questions of your own. Come up with your own set of questions to get to know more about the position, culture and the team you might be working with in the future.

Feel free to ask about the job responsibilities. Of course, make sure that the answers to your questions are not found on their company website or other sources that are available to the public.

Get to know the one you’re meeting with ahead of time. If possible, research who will be conducting your second interview. Find out what their role is and how long they’ve been with the company, including their professional history.

Dress professionally. Some applicants think it is okay to dress down once they’re called in for the second interview. This will not be the case. Don’tshow up as if you didn’t take the interview seriously.

Don’t be surprised if you’re asked the same set of questions the second time around. You should see this coming if you’re talking to new people or even the same interviewer you met the first time. It’s very possible that they’ve forgottenwhat you talked about during the last interview, so don’t sound annoyed or give abbreviated answers.

Go with the flow. Since you won’t know how the conversation will play out, it is better tofollow the interviewer’s line. This will calm your nerves and help you answer the questions in a professional manner.

Though there’s no guarantee that you’ll be getting the position once you’ve been invited for the second interview, there’s a good chance that they’re considering you to fill the job, and that should boost your confidence.

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Alan Carniol

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