How to Handle Wacky Interview Questions

How to Handle Wacky Interview QuestionsEvery now and again, I like to read Quora. It's a social network where people ask questions, and others answer them -- it's a great place to learn new and interesting "random" things you wouldn't ever think of asking.
Anyway, someone asked the question:
"What is the single, most revealing interview question?"

And a woman named Leah, who's interviewed and hired people for more than ten years replied with this excellent answer.
Interviewers will quite often ask you wacky questions, like:
"If you were a superhero, which one would you be?", or
"Other than stapling, what are five uses for a stapler?" or
"You're a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?"
In an age where people can turn to Google and put together cookie-cutter interview answers that all sound the same, it's a refreshing way for them to learn things about your personality that wouldn't normally come through.
However, they're also great (from the interviewer's point of view) for catching candidates off guard and "tricking" them into eliminating themselves.
You need to know how to handle these kinds of wacky questions.
I recommend you check out Leah's answer above, because it has some great tips and it will really help you get into the mind of the interview.
And I'd also add my own two cents too:
Interviewers often use these kinds of questions to see if a candidate has a sense of humor and easy to get on with. Don't underestimate how important this is. When it's crunch time at the office and the pressure is on, they need someone who lightens the mood and makes life easier for everyone.
Here's my preferred formula for answering wacky questions like this:
(1) Laugh.
(2) Give one or two funny examples.
(3) Give some serious examples, to show that you respect their asking this question and to bring your answer back onto point.
That's how the best candidates answer these questions.

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