4 Interview Tips for Veterans

4 Interview Tips for VeteransImprove your chances of getting hired by keeping these strategies in mind.

Do you find it difficult to translate your military service to civilian work? If you’re looking for a job, the process of interviewing involves some specifics if you’ve been in the service.

To help, here are some tips to consider for a successful job interview:

Conduct research on the company’s culture. Make your research as extensive as possible. Never overlook organizational culture — It is vital to know what an organization does and how, and whether you’ll fit into the environment. This is considered gathering intelligence about the company, the people, and the location where you will be interviewed.

Taking these steps will increase your comfort level. Treat the interviewlike an operation. This includes doing research about the company’s quarterly earnings and the interviewer’s background so that you can relate to him or her.

Reach out to other veterans who have successfully transitioned. Other veterans who have landed a job will be one of your greatest resources. Tap into your internal network. Feel free to ask them for tips or even ask them to give you a mock interview with typical questions.

Prepare a list of tough and easy interview questions to review to avoid uttering something that can take you out of consideration. Practice with your military friends to steer clear of common errors that may handicap you during the interview.

Transfer your language into corporate speak. Make sure you can convey your thoughts properly so that those without military experience can understand you. Make sure you know how to explain to your potential employer the variety of ways your military experience can help the organization. Emphasize what’s in it for them. The company wants to know how you can be of use.

Figure out how your military experience translates to civilian work. You may not realize it, but there’s a great deal that you’ve done in the military that can help you secure the position you want as a veteran candidate. Look at job descriptions and determine how your experience has prepared you.

If you’ve been hesitating to look for a job after your military service, these tips may help. Be confident that your experience is valuable.

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