Describing the Most Challenging Project You Have Worked On to Date

Tough Interview QuestionChallenges and obstacles are always tests of determination, skill, and ability. Whether it’s a challenge in your personal life, in school, or in the workplace, a successful outcome is an indication of your persistence and your ability to come up with a unique strategy.


One important thing that the interviewer is looking for is your ability to accept challenges and handle them well. Your goal is to convince him that you are who he is looking for. Establish your positive character traits when the interviewer asks about your most challenging project.

Why would the interviewer ask you to describe the most challenging project you’ve had?

  • To identify your skills and see how well you manage a project/situation;
  • To see what kind of approach you use in dealing with challenges;
  • To recognize your decision-making skills, planning abilities, and budgeting techniques; and
  • To see if the company would benefit from you.

The interviewer wants to know how well you handle stress and how you would tackle a given project. So, how are you going to answer this question?

Before the interview:

  1. This is a question that you can answer by preparing beforehand. List all of the projects that you have done. Pick one that you think is the most challenging and turned out to be really successful. Choose the project that really tested your skills and abilities and had a positive outcome.
  2. Prepare yourself by practicing explaining the project. Your explanation should be concise. Show off your skills, and indicate that it was a success.
  3. Include in your explanation your ability to make decisions wisely, set priorities, and delegate tasks. You can also include your planning strategies and budgeting techniques.

During the interview:

  1. Explain the project briefly and concisely; you wouldn’t want the interviewer to lose interest. It’s better if you keep your answer short and simple, but make sure that you have included in your explanation all the things that can build up your character.
  2. Don’t make it sound like you’re bragging about your achievements or successful projects. Establish your skills and abilities without going overboard or sounding arrogant.
  3. Give the interviewer an indication of how you manage tasks. Explain your general approach to handling challenging projects.

Answering questions about challenging projects can boost your self-confidence. Just be honest, and don’t add any unnecessary things (lies) just to make your profile look good. Be yourself, and keep it real. Remember that your potential employer is asking you this because he or she is interested in what you can do and what you’re capable of.

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