Interview Questions: What do you think are the most important abilities a receptionist should have?

Important Receptionist SkillsEvery office that presents itself to the public requires a receptionist that is presentable and well-mannered in dealing with customers. For someone to get hired in this job and succeed, he or she must possess the right skills and abilities.


This is why, when you’re in a job interview for the position of a receptionist, the interviewer might ask, “What do you think are the most important abilities a receptionist should have?”

Aside from the fact that they’re looking for someone who can present their company well to the customers, they are also trying to determine if you know what you’re doing and what role you’ll be fulfilling. Just as importantly, they’ll be eager to know if you can handle the job.

In light of this, how would you answer the interviewer? How will you convey what you know about the qualities of a good receptionist? Here are some ideas:

1. Before the interview, be sure to think about the points you want to express, and list them on a sheet of paper. If you’re having trouble coming up with these points, here are few suggestions.

The most important abilities of a receptionist could be:

  • Excellent Interpersonal and Organizational Skills
    • Since receptionists are required to interact with a lot of different kinds of people every day, they should have extraordinary interpersonal skills. It is quite vital that he or she lets herself be friendly yet professional especially in dealing hard-to-handle clients and customers.
    • Receptionists deal with clients to organize events, set up meetings, etc., and with these responsibilities, having top-notch and outstanding organizational skills is a must.
  • Exceptional Personal Attitude
    • A receptionist should have a friendly, positive attitude toward clients, employers, and coworkers. Along with that, he or she also needs to be courteous, dependable, polite, efficient, and most importantly, professional. He or she needs to have an optimistic attitude, even in stressful situations.
  • A Highly Presentable Appearance
    • As mentioned before, receptionists are the face of the company, so they need to have the right look. They should be able to present themselves in way that will make a good impression. They have to keep themselves neat and presentable all the time.

After writing down your best answer, practice reciting it to a friend or a career coach. Ask for advice on the things you need to change and improve.

2. During the interview, maintain self-control and don’t make your explanation so long that the interviewer might get bored. Just keep your answer short and simple. You can use the explanations above as the basis of your answer.

3. Show politeness and preparedness when answering the question. If the interviewer sees that you’re capable of demonstrating the skills mentioned above in your interview, he or she might consider giving you a shot at the job.

4. Relax and stay calm. Don’t let anxiety ruin your chances of getting the job. Again, if the interviewer sees that you are maintaining self-control, he or she will be more likely to hire you.

Also, always keep a bright smile on your face and an upbeat attitude. Remind yourself that you’re talking to a future employer. You’ll want to show him or her just how exceptional a receptionist you can be.

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