Interview Question: What other companies are you interviewing with?

Companies Interview QuestionWhen asking this question, recruiters want to know how much time they have to recruit you before other companies can. At the same time, it’s a test question to find out how passionate you are about the role and industry you are applying for.

If you are being interviewed by a different company, it is best to share that information with the recruiter to help him or her decide as soon as possible. Chances are the company would like to hire you first. The more you fit the job description, the more important it is to answer the question appropriately.

To help you ace this question, here’s a quick guide:

Always be honest. It’s better to tell the recruiter the real situation regarding your opportunities with other companies. You don’t have to give too much detail, but good candidates should always keep a clear and open dialogue with recruiters. Providing information is nothing to be nervous about, especially if you want to be sincere.

Align your statements to your overall story. Don’t ever contradict yourself. If you’re honest, this should never be a problem.

Let the recruiter know your top choice. Feel free to tell the recruiter whether the company is your top choice (or one of your top choices). Don’t ever say that the company didn’t make it onto your list, unless you want to bid good-bye to the position.Explain why you want to work for the company while making it clear they have a good chance of hiring you.

Don’t play hard to get. This is not a good ideaif you want to be hired. You may give a negative impression if you play too hard to get— and that can take you off the list.

When going to a job interview, don’t forget to do your part in preparing for the interview.Get to know the company beforehand and practice your answers on your own. Perhaps you can ask a friend to help out. Whatever the case,always remember that you can never be too prepared — the unexpected is always potentially around the corner.

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