Interview Question: What Is Your Dream Job?

Dream JobWhen this question is asked during an interview, it is common for candidates to feel a mild sense of panic.

It is important not to let your nerves take over during the interview. Since this is a challenging question to get right, here are some tips you may want to consider:

Be realistic. Don’t try to achieve too many things in a short period of time. Consider working with a realistic timeline rather than being overambitious. Sure, it’s good to have confidence and the desire to progress in your career, but proclaiming how you can get to the top in a short time won’t leave a positive impression.

Pick a role that has some of the same responsibilities you currently have in your career. This way, it won’t seem like your abandoning your current role.

Be relevant. Always make it a point to keep your dream job relevant to the position you are applying for. Always have a bigger goal that is somehow related. This shows your initiative and willingness to perfect your craft.

Never undersell yourself. Being overly ambitious can send the wrong signals, but selling yourself short can also damage your reputation. Maintain a healthy drive that helps you reach your full potential.

Don’t forget to demonstrate this during the interview. Don’t ever say that you’re satisfied with your current career status, especially if your accomplishments only make up a short list. Employers want to hire those who are driven to succeed in whatever role they’re given.

Don’t mention job titles. Make sure to steer away from talking about specific job titles to avoid leaving a negative impression. Focus on job responsibilities you enjoy and what skills you’d like to acquire in the future. This will help the hiring manager see how much you have thought about the role you’re currently applying for.

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Alan Carniol

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