Interview Question: What is One of the Major Issues Facing Pharmacy Today?

Pharmacy Interview QuestionsPharmacists interact with a steady stream of patients daily. Professionalism and compassion are both vital to success. However, working on the front lines of patient treatment comes with countless issues. What is one of the biggest issues that you see in the field?

 If you have several ideas, write them down. If you’re at a loss, here are some concepts to reflect on.

Issue #1: Dispensing Controlled Substances to Addicts

Pharmacists may deal with addicts on a daily basis. Because of the rise in prescription medication abuse, pharmacists need to be alert, and keep note of double prescriptions and other tricks.

Issue #2: Pursuing a Higher Education

Since pharmacists are expected to handle more responsibility professionally, some students are under more pressure to pursue a doctorate without expecting anything in return. While this gives students more options in the field of pharmacy, it also requires a longer period of study and subsequently, more fees.

Issue #3: Religious Differences

Pharmacists must be able to keep track of medicines that are not accepted by some religious groups. For example, Jewish and Muslim patients cannot use medicines that are derived from pigs. Such issues should never be taken lightly; doing so can result in serious problems.

Issue #4: Change in Demographics

Medicines affect people differently. Illnesses can have a variety of causes. And the aging population demands new approaches to medicine and care.

Now that you have ideas, it’s time to draft your responses to help you decide which one stands out the most. (Always do further research to back your answers with concrete facts.) Thorough, well-researched answers will demonstrate to the recruiter how much passion you have for the job.

One last thing — don’t forget to maintain an air of professionalism. If you go into the interview positive and upbeat, it will show.

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