Interview Question: What is more important to you, the money or the work?

Money or WorkApplicants shouldn’t be surprised if they hear this question from an interviewer. In this case, the interviewer wants to push candidates to test them. This question reveals your intention and how much you really love your work.

How to Answer

When answering this question, it is better to be diplomatic rather than choosing an actual option. Of course, both money and vocation are important to someone’s life. But you should always prioritize work over money when answering this question.

It is important to help recruiters realize that you have the passion and commitment to work. (The need for adequate pay is assumed.) Recruiters know that work and money are both important.

Make your point by telling the interviewer how important the work is to you. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to earn money. Working enriches your life, connecting you to new people, new knowledge, and new experiences.

What to Avoid

Whatever your answer will be, it is vital to avoid definitively choosing one over the other. Both factors are important and should never be compared. Once you’ve chosen one side, you’re out. Don’t pretend you have overwhelming faith in humanity by choosing work over money.At the same time, don’t sound cheap by choosing money.

What to Remember

Remember to always be sincere and genuine when answering this question. Stress the importance of both factors in life and discuss why you can’t choose one over the other. Work and money are both important in life in order to achieve success.

Have the confidence to answer without choosing an option. It will earn points. Diplomacy gives you a more professional image.

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Alan Carniol

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