Interview Question: What irritates you about other people, and how do you deal with it?

Irritating Interview QuestionHow would you deal with this kind of question? Should you vent or keep your mouth shut? Here’s how to answer this question professionally.

This question is often asked by interviewers to let them develop an image of how you deal with challenging personalities and behavior in your work environment. Here are some tips you may want to consider to answer the question without putting yourself in a bad light:

Stay professional and avoid being negative. Make sure to be optimistic when approaching this question, as much as you can. Though this question can provoke you to spill the beans, keep your composure and push back negative thoughts. Negativity will say far more about you than the person you’re describing.

Generalize your colleagues and situations. For this question, you don’t have to fully explain the details involved. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed by focusing on the faults of others. This question is a chance for interviewers to know how you get along with others and what annoys or irritates at work. Your level of tolerance will show based on your answers.

Acknowledge that everyone is different. You’ve worked with a lot of people in the past. Your experience alone has taught you that there are diverse characters in the world and some will eventually tick you off. While some present greater challenges than others, make sure to focus on your professional attitude to overcome the trials.

Have you successfully dealt with personality issues in the past? How did you manage to do it? Use your answer to ensure that there will be no compromise in performance when clashes occur. Consider that being patient can even out your emotions and help you find creative solutions.

Think about good things. Do not dwell on the coffee slurper , office gossip or annoying colleagues. You can make general statements explaining your frustration about your coworkers who don’t exert effort in contributing to the team. Make sure to give your answer in a way that lets your interpersonal and commitment skills be highlighted.

Be prepared to handle difficult personalities — every work place is a potential battlefield. Never allow resentment to grow and impact your performance. Move forward and develop your skills as a worker and as a person.

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Alan Carniol

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