Interview Question: How would you know you were successful on this job?

Interview Question SuccessIf you know how to speak employer, it will be easier for you to interpret this interview question. While this question may seem to give a license to brag, be careful not to overdo it. This is a question that lets you analyze your strengths and how they match the requirements of the role.

No Bragging Rights

When asked this question, do not answer the recruiter by saying how great you are as an employee. (This answer is unlikely to get you the job you’re applying for.) Though you do want to highlight your strengths, you need to have evidence to back them up and connect them with the role you are applying for.

Keep in mind that the recruiter wants to know how successful you would be in the job, so it’s best to take a matter-of-fact approach by letting your achievements speak for themselves.

What the Recruiter Wants

This question is used to test how your strengths and skills match up to the qualities needed for the job. You need to prepare for this question by knowing what the employer wants, and by analyzing how you best fit the role. To do this, self-awareness, analytical ability and motivation are needed.

To do this, compare your skills to what the job requires. It will also help you gain more confidence if you can research to develop a clear idea of the employer’s culture and direction.

How to Answer

Providing evidence of recent success in your previous job is not enough. Recruiters want to gauge how effective you were in the past. If you can provide information that helps summarize your total contribution and impact over the course of your career, all the better.

Providing all the necessary data, together with ample research will help you convince the employer that you’re right for the job.

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