Interview Question: How would you describe your work style?

describe your work styleWhen called for an interview, every job seeker should expect to hear this question, because the recruiter wants to determine if you’re the perfect fit for the position available.

To help you draft answers for this interview question, here are some key points you might want to consider:

How you work with others. Are you a team player, or are you more comfortable in working alone? Knowing if you work autonomously or collaboratively is important to let the recruiter get a glimpse of how you are as a colleague. If you prefer working independently, make sure you have the heart to consider input and feedback, no matter how negative. The ability to consider and take in feedback is definitely a plus, since it can be difficult to value the opinion of others at times.

On the other hand, if you enjoy working collaboratively, don’t hesitate to share why you prefer working with others. Recruiters want to know if you can bring more positive results if you work with others.

How you work with your boss. Did you have a love-hate relationship with your previous boss? If so, evaluate what went wrong. Was your boss too inconsiderate or does the fault simply lie in your hands?

Do you like doing your own thing after the boss tells you what needs to be done, or do you want detailed instruction on how to get needed results? Evaluate your past experiences to avoid a nightmare with your potential new boss.

How you communicate. Know what your communication style is. Most recruiters want to know if you have good communication skills. Do you prefer email over talking on the phone? Perhaps you can cite some instances where you have solved a problem due to your skills in communicating.

Know your working hours. Every recruiter wants to know how many hours of work you’re willing to complete in a day. It’s better to relay that you’re willing to work as late as possible just to get the job done. Of course, you need to be willing and able to stay true to your word, as the recruiter will be counting on you in the future.

How you plan each day. Recruiters want to know how organized you are as an employee. Let the interviewer know how you prioritize things — ability to prioritize is a strength that needs to be emphasized. Of course, if you want to build a stronger career, knowing how to accomplish projects and goals in a specific timeline is a must. This leads to greater responsibilities and more rewarding goals.

Know your work style before going into a job interview. Focus on the things that will bring you positive feedback.

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Alan Carniol

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