Interview Question: How have the changes in healthcare in recent years affected the PT profession?

Interview Question HealthcareSince everyone should ideally be able to adapt to change, how have you been able to do so regarding the changes in the physical therapy profession? This question should be expected if you are preparing for your next interview. Learn tips on how to answer this question professionally.

Identify the changes. What has changed since you started work as a PT? Standards have certainly changed. Today, physical therapists are being trained at the doctoral level. Years ago, having a bachelor’s degree was enough.

Other changes involve the workplace itself. More rules and regulations are in effect when it comes to billing, restrictions for patient viewing, personnel utilization, and more. How have these regulations changed the industry?

Perhaps you have other things in mind regarding the changes. Jot them down on a piece of paper and go to the next step.

How did you address specific changes? Write down the steps you took.Don’t hesitate to share this information with the interviewer to let him or her know how you think and work as a therapist.

Organize your answers. Include the most important points and emphasize them during the interview. Don’t allow yourself to answer like you’re all over the place. Don’t mention minor details that won’t be essential to the question.

Have the heart in what you do. No matter what job every applicant applies for, it is vital for hiring managers to feel how passionate candidates are in doing their job. If you love being a therapist, show your willingness and enthusiasm in serving patients.

Be sincere as soon as you enter the room. Be careful not to overdo it. Be professional.

Don’t stop studying. Read scientific lit on a regular basis. Staying informed will help you tackle unexpected situations and stay up-to-the-minute on the best treatment for patients.

Once you think you’re ready, practice your answers over and over again until you’re comfortable with them. Don’t forget to be confident and keep a positive vibe on the day of the interview.

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