Jun, 2014

Interview Follow-Up Tips for Every Job Seeker

Follow-Up Tips for Every Job SeekerThe interview process doesn’t stop once you step out of the room. Following up is essential, though most job seekers never do. A proper follow-up helps you further connect with hiring managers.

Here are some interview follow-up tips that can give you the advantage among other candidates:

Ask for a timeline. After the interview, it’s perfectly fine to ask for a timeline of their hiring process. This is not a license for you to ask when the recruiter will decide; you’re simply asking when you will be hearing something from the company. If you are allowed to make a follow-up call, ask about their desired timeframe.

Extend your gratitude sincerely. Don’t just send a thank-you note via email. If possible, send a real card to let your interviewer know that you appreciate his or her time and effort in calling you in for an interview. Make it sincere and personal, and your interviewer is much more likely to remember you when the decision is being made.

Don’t take it to heart. If the hiring manager acts like he’s not interested, consider that the interviewer may be having a bad day. His lack of interest may have nothing to do with you.

If the recruiter says that you’re not suited for the job, ask for an explanation. If you are interested in applying for other positions available in the company, let the recruiter know. Perhaps your skill set works better for openings other than what you are currently applying for. Inquiring about other openings can be a good way to grow your network.

Face the reality of job-hunting. Don’t expect to wow hiring managers every time you are scheduled for an interview. You can’t win them all. However, rejection shouldn’t discourage you. You never know when you’re just a step away from the job you’ve always dreamed of.

If you were recently rejected by a company, keep your head up high. You can still establish a professional relationship with the people you interviewed with. That way you’re keeping your connections growing, and allowing more opportunities to come your way.

Looking for the perfect job is not easy. You need to endure in order to find what’s in store for you. To keep a positive vibe, strive to make a follow-up call or send a follow-up email after every interview. You never know how a follow-up may weigh in when the final decision is made.

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