Sep, 2015

How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview Effectively

How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview Effectively Most people are not used to talking about themselves, especially when they’re called upon to list all their strengths or accomplishments in detail. However, winning the job requires an applicant to sell his or her skills and experience effectively.

Here are some tips to consider for an effective interview:

Approach it like a marketing challenge. When you’re practicing answers pre-interview, frame your answers to reveal your personality and show that you’re likable and authentic. Convey what makes you stand out by highlighting the skills you possess that are relevant to the available position. Strive to communicate in a natural, memorable and persuasive way.

Analyze. Who is your target audience? Study the job description closely. How great of a match are you with the required skills they are looking for? What can you bring to the table? Know what they are looking for, and emphasize how you can be the perfect fit for the job. If you can’t analyze yourself clearly, you can ask for help from a friend or mentor who can provide some objective feedback.

Hone your speaking points. Learn how to be proactive in what you want to convey. Express selling points in a concise and powerful way. Depending on the question, you may want to think in bullet points. An answer doesn’t have to sound too perfect; you don’t want to soundtoo scripted. But you should communicate your personal brand. Consider the approach and language that will be most natural when you talk about your positive qualities.

Practice. This is important if you want to sound authentic in the interview. Cover your selling points out loud so you can get comfortable with your approach. This will minimize your chances of hitting an awkward patch during the interview. Practice will let you work out the kinks.

These tips should boost your confidence during the interview. Above all, be sincere, no matter what direction the interview takes.

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