Oct, 2014

How to Ace the Exit Interview in 4 Easy Steps

Ace the Exit Interview No matter how much you want to get out of your workplace, you still have to make an effort to leave a good impression. Keep in mind that your reputation will follow you everywhere, so being professional is important until the very end.

During your last meeting, it is vital to stay calm, cool and collected. Whatever the format of the interview, make sure to leave a positive lasting impression on your employer. (This is important since you may be returning to the company sometime in the future.) Remember that you’re not shutting the door for life. You’re just shutting it for now. To help you leave the organization like a pro, you may want to consider these tips:

Act like a professional. No matter what the circumstance you’re in, always be professional, even if it may be difficult to smile and express your gratitude for the experience you’ve had.Don’t let the last interview tarnish your reputation.Act like a professional until the very end — which means no profanity, threats, ill will and vengeance.

Use your judgment. If the employer asks why you’re leaving, always put the situation in perspective. There’s no need to explain everything in detail, especially if you have encountered a situation with an unfair boss or ruthless coworkers.

Consider making a suggestion that could benefit the company in the future.

Pick your battles. If you think speaking up will lift the heavy burden you’ve been carrying,think again. Sometimes, nothing will change no matter how you’ve addressed the issue with your employer. Just make sure to keep the exit interview brief.

Be positive. Always express gratitude to your former employer. Share what you have learned and how you’ve grown in the position.

Whatever the reason, looking for better opportunities out there is always a positive step. Make a professional exit interview part of the process.

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