Apr, 2015

Got a Job Interview? Here’s What to Do Next.

Got a Job Interview Heres What to Do NextKnow how to WOW your interviewer.

Excited for your job interview? Here’s how to prepare for it and leave a strong impression:

Research the company. Make sure you get familiar with the company — This will help you have a more intelligent conversation. There’s no need to memorize facts about the company, but you can use these questions to learn more about your employer:

  • How does the company see itself?
  • What would employees say makes it different from other companies?
  • What is the company usually known for?
  • How are the company’s culture and values best described?
  • What is the size of the company?
  • Who are the key players of the company? What are their roles and backgrounds?

Once you have answers to these questions, it’ll be easier to have a conversation with the recruiter. If you don’t have the answers to these questions, your recruiter may wonder if you’re really interested in the company.

Get familiar with the job description and how you suit it. Make sure you have a solid understanding of the role you’re applying for. Go through the job posting over and over again and match your skills, background and experience. Provide supporting evidence that explains how you’d excel.

Even if you’re not the perfect fit, make sure you can tell the interviewer clearly why you are a strong match.

Practice your interview answers.This doesn’t mean you have to sound like a robot. Your goal is to have a more polished and effective interview. This can be achieved if you think the questions through and write out the answers before practicing them out loud.

Be prepared to be asked questions regarding your past work experience, including your skills and responsibilities. Make time to think about stories that describe how you shine and thrive in areas related to the job you’re interviewing for.

If you’re afraid of certain questions, make sure you’re prepared for them. The more you practice, the better the results will be.

Create a list of questions. It is important for candidates to ask questions during the interview. The recruiter may consider you uninterested if you don’t have questions to ask. Know what information you need and take your questions with you to the interview.

Don’t forget to ask for a timeline of the next steps in the search and hiring processes.

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