Sep, 2014

Acing Interview Questions That Don’t Have a Right Answer

Acing Interview Questions That Dont Have a Right Answer Believe it or not, some hiring managers prefer throwing out an oddball interview question just to throw you off. Though these silly questions may not have a right answer, it is important not to lose your composure. Keep your cool and you’ll ace the question like a pro.

Interview questions help recruiters get to know their potential candidates. Let hiring managers discern your positive personality, work style, values, perspectives and your outlook.

Here are some sample interview questions you might want to evaluate to help you brace yourself before entering the room:

Do you show up for work? Of course, your employer wants to know if you live nearby, and how likely you are to arrive on time, ready to work. Take this question to the next level by showing how you care about your work.

Are you flexible? Upon hearing this question, you need to be willing to share some of your past experiences that display your flexibility as an employee. How have you adjusted to changes in schedule or adapted to a new environment? How willing are you to shift your priorities just to meet the needs of others?

Are you ambitious? How comfortable are you when talking about how you see yourself in the future? If you have the opportunity to talk about the overall arc of your career to date, think of the things you have done in the past to propel your career up to this point.

Are your skills and knowledge enough to allow you to achieve more success in the future? It is important to keep up with the latest and greatest information, innovations, trends and technology to avoid being stuck at the bottom of the ladder when looking for a job.

Weave a vision of yourself based on what you want to accomplish in the job you are applying for.

Are you a good communicator? Most job descriptions often include strong communication skills among the requirements. Therefore, you must be able to display those skills. Recruiters judge intelligence and attitude through communication.

As you answer questions, make sure to engage through your body language, clarity of thought and dialogue. Know when to pause. Talking too much can backfire.

Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes in order to evaluate the concerns of the employer. This will help you understand their perspective and at the same time, help you craft strong answers that will improve your chances.

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