Oct, 2020

4 Things You are Measured on in an Interview

4 Things You are Measured on in an InterviewGetting an invitation for a job interview is music to the ears of anyone who’s out for a job hunt. And when you get invited, it means you’re given the opportunity to showcase your work experience, knowledge, skills and whatever it is you have to prove that you’re the perfect candidate for the job. But since there’s a big chance for candidates to demonstrate similar types of experiences and skills with, you need to find a way to stand out.


But how?

It all boils down to how you perform during the interview. As someone who’s in the job search journey, it’s imperative to be familiar with the measures a hiring manager uses to decide the best fit for the role.

So how do they rate you? What are the things you are measured on?

Communication skills
One of the top things hiring managers pay close attention to during a job interview is a candidate’s ability to communicate. They are looking for someone who is articulate when it comes to demonstrating their skills, knowledge and relevant experiences. Also, take note that your intonation, facial expressions, gestures and body language count.

Regardless of your job, your communicative ability will play a significant role in your own and your company’s success. Be sure communication skills come through polished if you want to impress the interviewer.

Exhibiting a positive, enthusiastic and “can-do” attitude can tremendously help you get ahead not only in job interviews but in your career life in general. Of course, companies want employees who have the right attitude towards work and the ones who can be a great brand advocate for the organization.

So, during the interview, be sure to exhibit the right amount of enthusiasm and strong desire and interest about the job you’re applying for. Also communicate that enthusiasm in your cover letter and initial phone interview. Don’t forget to send a thank you note afterwards.

Technical Skills
Another important measure hiring managers look at to find the best candidate is the technical skills. Technical skills are, of course, specific to the position you’re applying for. If you’re applying for a position in the IT department, then you should showcase your skills and relevant experiences related to the field. Let them know how you can contribute to the team and the company. Cite specific scenarios or instances where your skill sets were used in action.

While companies look at your technical skills as a major factor in determining whether or not you’re right for the job, there’s also one other thing they look into before making a final decision - culture fit. Companies want to make sure they’re hiring people who are fit overall for their organization. They want employees with the right attitude, fitting personality and those who can blend in with the culture.

Prepping up for an upcoming interview? Be sure to come in prepared and bear these factors in mind to set yourself apart from other candidates and boost your chances of landing the job!



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