Jan, 2021

4 Ways to Boost Your Career Development

4 Ways to Boost Your Career DevelopmentIf you’re like most people, you must have spent most of your adult years working 40 hours a week doing a job that gets the bills paid and gives you satisfaction and fulfillment. While there’s entirely nothing wrong with sticking to the same career for years, seeking career development and progression might be something you might want to look into.

 In a heavily competitive job market, developing one’s abilities and skills has become more important than ever. This is where the value of career development comes in. If you wish to make the most of the time and efforts you put into your job and make sure it translates to your professional success in the future, it’s time to work on sharpening your axe!

Continue reading and learn how you can boost your career development.

Find opportunities
Advancing your career isn’t limited to getting promoted or moving up the ladder. Professional growth is still possible even while you’re in the same role or job. All you need to do is to find opportunities or areas where you can develop your skills.

How? Go out of your way, step out of your comfort and learn about what the other people in your company do. Consider shadowing other employees to learn and broaden your skills. Or you can also attend company conferences. Or enroll in online courses or training to acquire more knowledge about your industry.

Set goals
Knowing what you want to achieve career-wise is an important aspect of career development. It will help you determine the steps you need to take as well as the areas you need to work on to get where you want to be. Also, it will help increase job satisfaction and your likelihood of achieving success down the road.

Own it
Your career development isn’t solely dependent on your boss. While your manager can help you by providing you with the opportunities to hone your skills, your career path is something that you should own. Whether or not your boss assists you with the resources you need, growing your career is your own decision and accountability.

Grow your skills, not just your title
There’s a fine line between growing your skills and working for title attainment. Now, this doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with wanting a promotion. A promotion is an outcome of your hard work and is something that’s worth celebrating. However, career development is about improving yourself, sharpening your skills and talent, expanding your knowledge, and growing in your role, with or without a promotion.

When it comes to career development, the focus should be on your skillset. After all, promotion is definitely not going to be far behind when you have the skills and knowledge that it takes to take on a higher role.

Career development is key to opening new doors of opportunities for you to advance your career and achieve professional success. Now’s the time to make that career growth happen! Follow these steps and achieve your career aspirations!


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