Dec, 2020

4 Ways to Tell Your Boss You’re Burned Out

4 Ways to Tell Your Boss Youre Burned OutSo you have always been one of the most productive and efficient employees. You have always been motivated and driven, enthusiastic and full of energy. Then one day, you lost that excitement. All of a sudden, you feel exhausted and tired, physically and mentally. Chances are you’re already beginning to feel burned out.


Job burnout isn’t uncommon among employees who have been working hard in a prolonged period of time. It is something that’s experienced by those who always strive to go above and beyond to exceed expectations and those who feel the constant need to prove themselves.

Job burnout can be detrimental to your physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, it’s crucial that you start doing something about before things get worse. So how do you tell your boss that you’re burned out?

Share how you feel with a friend
Before deciding to talk to your boss, you may want to consider sharing your feelings with a friend or confidante first. One of the helpful ways to help you heal from a burnout is being able to verbalize your feelings and share it with someone.

Try to speak to your partner, or a friend or a family member or anyone you trust. Let them know what you’re going through. They may not be able to help you come up with solutions but having someone who listens can significantly help make you feel better.

Plan what you’d like to communicate
Once you’re ready to talk to your boss, plan out what you would like to communicate. It isn’t enough to tell them you’re burned out. It’s important to make them understand why you’re feeling this way.

Reflect about where this feeling has started. Is it because of too much workload? Or overstaying in the office? Or not being able to take adequate rest? Figure out what has caused your job burnout. Identify the problem and root cause so you can communicate them with your boss.

Set up a meeting
Now that you have finalized what you’re going to tell your boss, set up a meeting. It’s important to meet with your boss individually and privately so you can thoroughly discuss what you’re going through. Check with your boss their most convenient time to have this conversation.

Be detailed with the solutions
You already planned out what you’d like to say. You already took mental note of how to explain where the job burnout is coming from. Now the next step is to make sure these things are communicated in well in detail. Get specific with the problems. If it’s the increased workload that’s barely leaving you room to breathe, be sure to make your boss aware. If it’s the lack of adequate rest from work, let your boss know about it, too.

Also, be ready to present suggested solutions. Perhaps you can ask for help on how to make the workload less intensive. Or you can ask approval for a few days off from work so you can recharge.

Dealing with a job burnout is no easy task but it’s something that has to be addressed. Learn how to communicate what you’re going through with your boss with these helpful tips!


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