Feb, 2020

4 Qualities of a Good Career Mentor

4 Qualities of a Good Career MentorIs there any person you look up to right now? Someone you draw inspiration from because they are successful or they do good in their family life perhaps or career? This is actually similar to having a mentor. When you have a mentor, you have someone who provides you with support, tools, and feedback. This person is someone who helps you stay grounded while encouraging you to push harder in achieving your goals, especially when the going gets tough. And if you have big dreams in terms of your career, having a career mentor would come in handy.


A career mentor has got the knowledge, opportunities and insights which you may not already have and could present useful in your current job. Having a career mentor is also an excellent way to expand your professional network which you can tap if needed in the future. But what if you don’t have one yet?

The best career mentors share some common qualities. Read on and find out what to look for in a good career mentor.

Relevant expertise or background in your field
It sounds pretty obvious, yes, but a good career mentor is someone who should have some kind of relevant knowledge in the field you’re in. They could have probably worked in the same industry for several years or they are a few levels ahead in terms of position or title. The important thing is that they have adequate experience that can help you advance your career forward because they already know what it takes to be successful.

Enthusiastic about the role
Another important factor to look into when finding a career mentor is their enthusiasm about the role. You can’t choose or force someone to help you out and mentor you when they’re only half-hearted. They should somehow share the desire to help you achieve success as much as you do and have the passion to provide you what you need whether or not they get something in return.

Active listener
Because mentors play an important role in imparting their relevant knowledge and experience to help you advance in your career, it’s imperative that you find a mentor who listens actively. They should be able to give you undivided attention when you’re talking to them. They should put away all other distractions like phones and electronics so that they can ask you questions and focus on the discussion.

Values learning
Good career mentors are the ones who value the importance of learning and understand that learning is a life-long and continuous process. They may be experts and seasoned in their field but they acknowledge the fact that they still have a lot to learn and they don’t know everything. They are more than willing to impart knowledge but they’d tell you when they don’t have the answers but they’ll try to find it out for you.

Having a career mentor can be extremely helpful especially if you want to expand your knowledge about your field, and looking for one doesn’t have to be complicated. Try these tips to help you find a mentor that will not only support your career but serve as a lifelong friend, too.


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