Resigning from Your Current Job – 10 Signs That You’re Doing the Right Thing

Resigning from Your Current JobHave you thought about quitting your job? Do you have doubts and concerns? Are you wondering whether resigning is the right thing to do?


Having doubts when it comes to leaving your job is not uncommon. Maybe you’re having second thoughts: How can you know that you’re making the right choice?

Here are 10 signs that can help you remove those doubts:

1. Past Feelings

Many times, new graduates take any job without thinking about whether they’ll be happy or not. They’re so excited about the idea of an “independent” life and facing the real world that they don’t listen to what their gut is telling them about the job. 

If your gut is telling you that a job isn’t right for you, you might be better off without it. Don’t assume that having any job is always better than having no job at all. There are times when quitting is the best option.

2. Management Issues

Are you getting the feedback and support you deserve? Do you receive fair and equal treatment? If not, then you might consider quitting your job and searching for greener pastures.

Never let your self-worth be destroyed because you’re not getting the same treatment as the others in your workplace. Looking for a place where you’ll be appreciated is the best thing you can do.

3. Tedious Mondays, Heavy Weekdays

Do you spend your whole week wishing that it was Friday? Do you keep thinking about lunch breaks, coffee breaks, holidays, vacations, and weekends? Do you get up early Monday morning wishing that Sunday had never ended?

Life is too short to spend it doing a job you dread. The days of your life should be spent waking up in the morning and feeling excited to go to work. Quit the job you can’t stand and look for something that will make you look forward to going to work.

4. Work Environment

Sometimes we love our workmates; other times we can’t stand them. If they’re making your work environment intolerable, however, then perhaps it’s time to leave. If you like them and enjoy their company, you can always stay in touch with them – that’s what mobile phones and social media accounts are for. On the other hand, if you don’t like them, that’s another sign that you should resign from your job and find one with people you’ll enjoy working with.

5. Fear of the Unknown

Sure, leaving your job can be a scary idea. On the other hand, how can you be successful in life if you don’t take any chances? Let go of your fear and start living the life you deserve. It’s never too late to make a change in your career. You never know – your dream job be waiting for you.

6. Dead End

You want to be promoted and get better pay, but you don’t see any potential in your current job. In other words, you can already sense that there’s no chance of moving up. What should you do? Quit your job and look for one where upward mobility is a possibility.

7. Personal Reasons

Are you sick and tired of spending an hour or two every day stuck in your car, waiting for the traffic to move? Or maybe you’re working more than eight hours a day, yet you don’t get paid for the overtime. Do you feel a need to spend more time at home with your family to bond with them? Are you getting a salary that’s not enough to support you and your family’s needs? These are all valid personal reasons for quitting your job. 

8. Unstable Company Progress

If you feel like the company is in financial trouble and you could be laid off at any time, resigning from your position may be a good decision. You wouldn’t want to risk your career with a company that might not even exist tomorrow, would you?

9. Thirst for Professionalism

Are you stagnating in your current position? A good job will help you to enhance your skills and abilities. Maybe you’re craving professionalism, efficiency, and competence, but the company is not providing any of these things. That’s a sign: Leave your job and look for a new one that can make you better at what you do.

10. Fed-up Mind, Burnt-out Feelings

Your relationship with your job is just like getting married to your other half. If it’s not working anymore, it’s reasonable to consider a divorce. When your job is making you feel overly stressed and tired day after day, it’s time to move on.

Resigning from your job can be the right thing to do if you’re experiencing these signs. Don’t be afraid to let go and search for a brighter future.

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